• Smell of a Rose

    Smell of a Rose, 2004

  • A Hand Holdin a Rose

    A Hand Holdin a Rose, 2004

  • Keeping the Rose

    Keeping the Rose, 2004

  • Brown Velvetribbon I

    Brown Velvetribbon I, 2004

  • Brown Velvetribbon II

    Brown Velvetribbon II, 2004

  • The Girl with Two Flowers

    The Girl with Two Flowers, 2004

  • The Girl with One Flower

    The Girl with One Flower, 2004

  • A Cup of Tea in the Evening

    A Cup of Tea in the Evening, 2004

  • Trees in the Moonlight

    Trees in the Moonlight, 2004

  • An Angel and the Night Rain

    An Angel and the Night Rain, 2004

  • In the Shadow

    In the Shadow, 2004

  • Cypresses and the Moon

    Cypresses and the Moon, 2004